A Pictish symbol stone probably carved around 5,000 years ago.

The meaning of the incised Pictish symbols are unknown but some theories include the serpent as a sign of healing, the double disc and z rod appear often, the discs represent the here and now and the other world, life and death. The z Rod is said to represent the death of a warrior.

The mirror and comb signify femininity which could mean the stone was carved for a high ranking Pictish woman.

The bog oak I have carved with these symbols is carbon dated at 5,300 years old!



Over five and a half thousand years ago the Norfolk basin was covered in giant oaks,
two and a half times the size of the oaks we see now. Due to the Forrest conditions these trees grew up tall and straight with a high up canopy as we see in today’s rain

Five thousand three hundred years ago this area flooded with seawater and these trees toppled and settled into the silt, depriving them of oxygen and light. There they were preserved until now they are being excavated and turned into a rich black viable timber resource.

During the drying and conversion to lumber the outside layers with the remains of the bark preserved, known as the crowns, are usually discarded.

I have processed these crowns, carved designs into the face of the crowns, and preserved with Tung oil these make interesting garden sculptures.

Following installation they will need to be occasionally re-oiled in order to maintain the integrity of the timber.